• Camping, Huts & Passes

    Camping, Huts & Passes

For any overnight stay in the park, accommodation must be booked prior to departure.

All our overnight trips include accommodation which we book on your behalf.  If you have been booked into a DoC camp or hut we will provide you with your pass(es) on check in.  We can also arrange alternate accommodation for any itineraries at Awaroa Glamping, Awaroa Lodge or Aquapackers. Please note the Department of Conservation apply differential pricing between 1st October and 30th April. If you are a New Zealand resident choose the New Zealand Resident price, if you are an International Visitor choose International Visitor price.


Camp sites are generally on or just off the beach. They have toilets and water which we recommend you treat water before drinking.

Starting from the Southern end of the park there are camping sites at:

  • Tinline Campsite (15 sites)
  • Coquille Campsite (6 sites)
  • Apple Tree Bay Campsite  (15 sites)
  • Akersten Bay Campsite (3 sites)
  • Observation Beach Campsite (6 sites) (water access only)
  • Watering Cove Campsite (5 sites)
  • Te Pukatea Bay Campsite (7 sites)
  • Anchorage Campsite (50 sites)
  • Torrent Bay Village Campsite (10 sites)
  • Bark Bay Campsite (40 sites)
  • Mosquito Bay Campsite (20 sites) (water access only)
  • Onetahuti Bay Campsite (20 sites)
  • Awaroa Campsite (18 sites)
  • Waiharakeke Bay Campsite (10 sites)
  • Totaranui Great Walk Campsite (20 sites)
  • Anapai Bay Campsite (6 sites)
  • Mutton Cove Campsite (20 sites)
  • Whariwharangi Bay Campsite (20 sites)

DoC Huts

Huts are spaced out along the Abel Tasman Coastal Track. Each hut has a communal kitchen/cooking area which has water (which we recommend that you treat), but no gas/cooking facilities are supplied. The sleeping accommodation is dorm-style rooms with bunks. Hut accommodation also has flush toilets.

Starting from the Southern end of the park there are huts at:

  • Anchorage (34 beds)
  • Bark Bay (34 beds)
  • Awaroa (26 beds)
  • Whariwharangi (20 beds)



Enjoying lunch and a coffee in the Abel Tasman.
Islands stealing the foreground, and there are three waiting to be explored in the Abel Tasman. 🏝️🗺️
Blue skies and granite coastline ❤️ the Abel Tasman.
Spotting playful Kekeno (NZ Fur seals) around Tonga Island Marine Reserve. Pointy noses, long whiskers, and visible ears are some of their distinguishing features. They are found living in multiple spots along the stunning Abel Tasman coastline.
Walking the Abel Tasman.
Exploring Awaroa ❤️ options of kayaking and walking!
Sailing home with a sea breeze - A sea breeze, is the result of uneven land and water heating. During the day, the land surface heats up faster than the water surface. The air above the land is warmer than the air above the ocean which creates the breeze.
Say hello to the best summer yet, explore the Abel Tasman.
Cleopatras pool is a 20 min side trip on the Abel Tasman. Known for its natural waterslide it is a great place to cool off on a hot day.