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There are a number of ways to explore the park, each option provides a slightly different perspective on the park. All trips depart from Marahau and finish in Marahau. Guided trips are catered or partially catered, rental trips are self catered and most overnight trips* include camp passes which we book on your behalf.


  • Camping or overnighting in the park is magic, so if you time we highly recommend it – you will come back recharged and rejuvenated.
  • Choosing a water taxi assisted trips means exploring more of the park. Our dedicated support vessels leave our base earlier than others and we often reach the beach before anyone else.
  • The sea breeze runs from North to South in summer and South to North in Summer.

Our trips are set up with naming conventions, like trip types and they vary in the length of time exploring the park.

Guided –  Choosing a guided kayak option means choosing passion, knowledge, and stories! Our guides’ love of adventure and people is invigorating, they return to the Abel Tasman year after year to share this unique coastline with you. Our world-class guides ensure high safety standards and deliver a first class experience.

Rentals Do you want to explore the Abel Tasman at your own pace, on your own time, and truly absorb the serenity of this beautiful park? Then renting/hiring a kayak is the option for you and best of all no prior experience (for most trips) is required, just a love of adventure. Before you depart our base we provide a comprehensive safety briefing ensuring you are confident. As part of your briefing we focus on pointing out special spots and provide detailed interpretation so you can get the most out of your trip. Launch your double sea kayak from one of the many golden sandy beaches, float on clear turquoise water and explore the park your own way.

Walks The Abel Tasman Coastal track is part of New Zealand’s great walk network. Its’ famous for its access to it’s many golden beaches and the native forest fringing the granite coastline. It is the only great walk with multiple access points which allows plenty of flexibility to explore in either direction. From lush tropical crops to regenerating native forest the well formed track scenery varies, it’s the glimpses of the turquoise water, tidal estuaries, side walks and access to the beaches that make this such a memorable walk.  The mild climate means any time of the year it is good to visit.

Classics serve up everything that is special about the Abel Tasman National Park. These trips are fully guided/hosted catered camping experiences. We are the only company to explore the northern reaches of the park so we make the most of having that part of the park to ourselves. We have a two, three and five day kayak option and a three day walking option. These trips create memories you’ll cherish for life.

Tikis, tiki tour is kiwi slang for looking-around, or tripping (and was originally derived from an old New Zealand tourist company of the same name), our tiki tours offer the advantage of exploring with a guide and then on your own allowing all the benefits of being hosted and then exploring the park independently, choose a two or three day tiki


Our rentals are named in the following ways:

Freedom 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5 day hires provide the versatility for you to go out and back so you get to see the coast in both directions. These trips all start and finish at Marahau and are at your own pace.

We pioneered Park Starts in the early 2000’s. They are designed to travel one way and as the name suggests, start in the park. The beauty of these trips is that you paddle in the same direction as the sea breeze rather than going against it. You complete our safety briefing and then catch the 11.00 am water taxi up to your destination of choice (as far North as Onetahuti) and then paddle back over a number of days to Marahau. We offer trips from 2, 3 & 4 days to explore the park.

Kayak and Walk trips provide the flexibility to experience the Abel Tasman on both land and sea. Our trips start off with kayaking and then you continue by foot to explore the Abel Tasman great walk coastal track. We have trips that walk both North and South and from 1 2, 3, 4 & 5 days that are packaged with everything included.

*excludes 1 day kayak and walk

Water Taxi pricing

Water taxi retrieval for single kayak $20 per transfer

Water taxi retrieval for double kayak $41 per transfer

Per transfer Bag/Pack transfer $47 per bag

Passenger transfer from Marahau – Anchorage/Torrent Bay $48 pp

Passenger transfer from Marahau – Bark Bay $52 pp

Passenger transfer from Marahau – Onetahuti $54 pp

Passenger transfer from Marahau – Awaroa $48 pp

Passenger transfer from Marahau – Totaranui $50 per person

What our customers say

It was very good and funny with Ian and molly. Ian has a lot of interesting knowledges about the flora and fauna of the island around this spot.

Caroline R

We did a trip for 5 days walking to Awaroa lodge for a day and than guided 3 day kayak trip back to Maharau
This trip will be always remembered as we made many memories
The team at ABT did a great job with customizing the trip and we had a great guide in Whitey
Throughly recommend this experience


We chose a three day tiki tour and the whole family loved it! It includes a bit of everything: walking, kayaking, camping and glamping for a treat. And everything is thoughtfully provided! The forecast was for inclement weather, we were thrilled that Abel Tasman kayak’s knowledge and experience meant they came up with a safe option to let us paddle and explore. With two quite different overnight stays,... read more


Wel vroeg verzamelen. Maar dat maakt de dag alleen maar mooier. Na een goede uitleg over de veiligheidsregels, kon er niets fout gaan. Het kajakken duurde 3 uur maar was meer dan de moeite waard en ging op een gemakkelijk tempo. Veel dieren gezien waaronder kleine zeehonden en bijzondere vogels. Na aankomst op het strand als eindpunt, kregen we een super lunch aangeboden. Hierna volgde een redelijke wandeling langs de... read more

Hans vd Nieuwendijk

I booked the Earth, Sea, and Sky tour. If you want to explore the scenic Abel Tasman national park, Abel Tasman Kayaks is the company to do it with, plus they have various tours! The tour starts off in Torrent Bay (via water taxi) and you walk to Barker Bay (bring hiking shoes) where you'll see various bays, plants, wildlife, and other beautiful scenery. At Barker Bay, they had additional... read more

Travel Dude

Had a half day kayak with Balveer. He was friendly and informative and catered well to the needs of our small family group. Aside from talking about the area, he was a really interesting guy just to talk to. My son loved chewing the fat with him.



Drifting through granite caves⛰️🚣‍♀️

 #nelsontasman #abeltasmankayaks
The wonders of Tonga Island Marine Reserve🐠 established in 1993 go beyond marine life— Tonga Island in the marine reserve makes for that quintessential Abel Tasman pic! 📸
Gearing up for the adventure ahead! 🌟🚣‍♀️
A sea breeze makes for a fun end to the day, kayak sailing ⛵ is a real highlight for customers kayaking back towards Marahau. 

Watching the sun come up ☀️
Last day to vote for the bird of the century! This year, #birdoftheyear has become 
#birdofthecentury. We're rooting for the Kaka! 🐦 With 35 released into the Abel Tasman, they add their distinctive call and color to Bark Bay and its surrounds.

Memories about to be created in the Abel Tasman. 📸
The Abel Tasman National Park is the smallest national park in New Zealand, it's the perfect location for half-day or five-day explorations!
There are plenty of moments to soak it all in.