• The Park For all Seasons

    The Park For all Seasons

Famous for its golden beaches, turquoise waters and spectacular scenery New Zealand’s smallest and most accessible national park is a quietly beautiful place to explore. Kayaking here is considered the best in New Zealand and the coastal track is part of the New Zealand Great Walk network. Whatever time of the year, option or combination of options you choose the Abel Tasman National Park will leave lasting memories.

Kayaking times and distances

The Abel Tasman has roughly 50 kms of coastline to explore. Unguided kayakers can explore from from Marahau to Shag Harbour, those wanted to go beyond Shag Harbour need to be on a guided trip. The below times are paddling times for experienced kayakers in calm conditions and without stops.

Marahau to Observation Beach 2 hrs
Observation Beach to Anchorage 2 hrs
Anchorage to Bark Bay 2 hrs
Bark Bay to Onetahuti 2 hrs
Onetahuti to Awaroa (guided only) 2 hrs
Awaroa to Totaranui (guided only) 2 hrs

Walking times and distances

The Abel Tasman has a coastal walking track and a more remote inland track. Walking sections of the coastal track can be integrated with sea kayaking along the Abel Tasman coastline. Department of Conservation advertises the following walking times:

Marahau to Anchorage Hut  3.5 hrs 11.5 kms
Anchorage Hut to Torrent Bay    
High tide route 1.25 hrs 4.0 km
Low tide route 20 mins 0.9 km
Torrent Bay to Bark Bay 3 hrs 7.8 km
Bark Bay to Onetahuti 2.5 hrs 6.1 km
Onetahuti to Awaroa Hut 1.5hrs 5.3 km
Awaroa Hut to Totaranui 1.5 hrs 5.5 km
Totaranui to Whariwharangi 3.5 hrs 7.5 km

The Park For all Seasons


The Nelson Tasman region generally gets the annual most sunshine hours in New Zealand. Winds can occur during any time of the year and can affect kayaking itineraries and timing. Autumn and early winter are generally calmer.

Day Night
Summer (Dec-Feb) 22 Degrees 13 Degrees
Autumn (Mar-May) 18 Degrees 8 Degrees
Winter (June-Aug) 13 Degrees 3 Degrees
Spring (Sept-Nov) 17 Degrees 7 Degrees

Current weather and forward forecasts can be viewed:

NIWA National Park forecast

Abel Tasman coastal forecast

Short forecast for Abel Tasman area


Many of our trips conclude at Anchorage by the end of the day. 🌅🚣‍♂️ its also a great place to spend a night in the park.
Exploring the park on your own.
Split Apple Rock is just around the corner from our base, waiting to be explored.
This is one of our favorite photos ever! 📸❤️
Whether you're a seasoned kayaker or a first-timer, we make sure the paddling is easy and fun for everyone!
Only 6 months to the longest day!  Bring on Summer!
One of our team members demonstrating the correct use of a dry bag. 📸 Cameras are welcome on all our trips, so you can capture every moment!
Awaroa is one of the many stunning beaches we launch our kayak trips from, situated right on the edge of the Tonga Island Marine Reserve. 🚣‍♂️
It may be the smallest national park, but it's got a lot of coastline to explore. ❤️ the Abel Tasman National Park.